How I Manage My To Do List

How I Manage My To Do List

How I Manage My To Do List

To Do lists are such a wonderful tool, but they can kinda get out of hand if you don’t have a process for managing them. Here’s how I manage my to do list using Asana, and the weekly process I go through to determine what I focus on for the coming week.

My to do list process is modelled off the ‘Kanban’ system used in continuous improvement and project management methodologies.

I manage my to do list (titled ‘Make Shit Happen’) in Asana. I used to use Trello but recently made the switch because the functionality in Asana is a lot richer for what I was wanting to achieve. But you don’t have to use either of these. You could do it on a piece of paper, a whiteboard, or stick post-its to the wall. Its not about the tool, but the process.

To Do

The to do section of my list is literally a brain dump of all the tasks, ideas and things I need to remember. I use the Tags feature in Asana to categorise each task depending on if its personal, business related etc.

Every time I have an idea it gets added to the To Do section. I also add my regular tasks with a repeating reminder on them so I don’t forget to do them (e.g. monthly bookkeeping).

Do This Week

I have a weekly process where I sit down on a Sunday and review the week ahead. I look at what client sessions I have, what else needs to be done in my business, and what’s going on in my personal life. From there I assess how much time I realistically have to get stuff done that week. Then I move the highest priority things from the To Do list into Do This Week.


The Doing section is pretty self explanatory, its all the stuff I have started but not yet finished. Sometimes things can stay here longer than a week, and that’s totally fine. But at least by being here you can’t forget about them. Once they’re completed they can be ticked off, or move to the Done list if you’re using one.

On Hold

This is a really important list to review and maintain. This is for the things I started, but then put aside before I finished. Perhaps you started writing an eBook or planning a new course but decided now wasn’t the right time? Then pop it into the On Hold list and come back to it when you’re ready.

Prioritising Tasks

I prioritise my tasks based on 3 things:

1 – What are my goals? I prioritise tasks that will take me towards achieving the goals I have set for my business. So if I have a goal for creating a new package or offer, I prioritise the work I need to do to achieve that goal.

2 – Will it make me money? I also prioritise the activities in my business that will bring in money. After all if we aren’t earning money then we don’t have a business!

3 – Is it a “Have to”? There are some things in business we just have to do whether we want to or not. So rather than put these off, I get them done and then move on to other things

Example in List FormatToDo_List


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