Want to know what its like working with me? Here’s what some of my happy clients have to say.

I had a session with Laura a week ago and wow, I left with 3 pages of notes, super excited to get in and make important changes that she’d help me see I needed.

Laura is such a relaxed person and no wonder because she’s so organised! Nothing seems to throw her, some of my questions needed her take me through a process to see what was a fit for my biz and she explained my options and I didn’t feel pressured to make any particular decision.

Thank you Laura, I’m excited for our next session, where I know we will dive even deeper and get even more organised & have my business mapped out!

Jess McNally – Nutritionist & Mind Body Kinesiologist

OMG if you are looking to get your business systems out of your head, into a repeatable system, for future employees to follow, you NEED Laura!

I am already pretty organised (I have folders, templates and software) but I have never had my daily activities for my backdrops systemised. From A to Z.

I want to handover my pre-designed backdrops to my PA. And now I have the whole process from enquiry to delivery mapped out.

I bought 2 hours on Zoom with Laura and have gained so much clarity and a (saleable, useable) asset.

Could I have done this on my own? Yes. Probably. Eventually. One day. In a new notebook. Or maybe mind-mapped on an A2 paper. When I had a quiet moment in my business. Yeah right. Who was I kidding?!

I will definitely be using her services again.

Thank you Laura
Love from,
An Amazingly Happy Client

Emma from Bespoke Backdrops

Somehow I had managed to get my online calendar in a bit of a mess. It was in such a mess that I wasn’t sure how to unravel it all.

Laura came highly recommended by a couple of colleagues. Not only was Laura able to fix up my calendar, update it and create the changes I needed, she spent time with me to understand the systems in my business. During out time together she identified the process and provided recommendations to my systems.

It was such an incredibly value added session. She saw things that I wasn’t able to see and by implementing her suggestions, I’ve saved myself time and have created more flow in my business.

If you are having challenges in your systems, Laura is the person to seek out first. I cannot recommend her work enough. She is genuine, caring and really knows her stuff!

Helena Ryan – Ancestral Clearer

I was looking for someone to help me get my business organised, setting up some systems and getting processes in order.  Working with Laura I was able to create a clear step by step plans for few processes in my biz like: launching a webinar, writing newsletter, Social media posting, creating email template, etc. My biz is so much easier to run now!

I highly recommend Laura, as someone who can really pull the processes out of your head and get it on paper. She is my go to person when it comes to getting things in order and creating more peace, flow and clarity in my biz. I also adore her personality and how easy and flexible she is when it comes to scheduling, communication , etc.

I definitely looking forward to doing more work with her in future. Thanks you so much Laura!!

Olga Bochareva

I chose to work with Laura as I needed some assistance with Asana, Acuity and Stripe and my client intake workflow. After 2 sessions I now have several template workflows in Asana, I’m better utilising Acuity, which I pay for monthly and Stripe is now added to all my stuff, which means I can get paid easier and quicker!

Andrea Kaldy Content Strategist

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